VIMINACIUM – Splendid roman port on Danube

Emperor Trajan started from here the Roman conquest of Dacia. Some of the most beautiful antique frescoes have been buried here for almost two thousand years. Experience a breath-taking meeting with history, glory and death of the Roman empire.

Program plus: Srebrno jezero (Silver lake) and Crusing along the Danube river.

SIRMIUM – Capitol of roman emperors
The city of Sremska Mitrovica lies on the ancient Sirmium, but parts of the imperial palace are excavated and opened to a public. Some fascinating findings from the time when nomadic people galloped over the Pannonia can be seen also in the city's museum.
Program plus: Zasavica (Nature Reserve) and Monasteries of Fruška Gora
(Šišatovac and Petkovica)

KOVAČICA – Atelier of modern art

Kovačica is a pictoresque village with a strong and long tradition of folkloric art. The galery of naive paintings, founded in year 1955, is the cultural center of the setlement, As well as a unique touristic attraction.

Program plus: Carska Bara (Nature Reserve) and visit of the town of Zrenjanin.

ŠID – Visit to the Galery of Sava Šumanović

Sava Šumanović was one of the most prominent painters of the first half of the 20th century. In the Sava’s gallery in Šid, 115 of his most impressive works are exhibited.

Program plus: Monasteries of Fruška Gora – Grgeteg, Krušedol, Remeta (from 15th to 18th centuries), ornate with beautifully painted iconostases.

NOVI SAD - Capital of Vojvodina province (“Athens of Serbia”)

City perfectly fits into a rich tradition of Pannonian Basin, in which everything is prone to grow, from well-preserved Secession to Post-modern architecture. Nowadays, a widely recognizable symbol of the City is Exit Festival, while in the past, and even so today that place has been reserved for the Serbian cultural institutions: Matica srpska - the oldest cultural-scientific institution of Serbia, Serbian National Theatre, Sterijino pozorje Theatre Festival…

Program plus: Visit of Petrovaradin Fortress, pictoresque town of Sremski Karlovci and Monasteries of Fruška gora (Krušedol and Hopovo).

OPLENAC – The Mausoleum of the Serbian Royal Family

The extraordinary geographic position of the small town of Topola, situated on the slopes of Oplenac hill, at important crossroads of the Belgrade, Rudnik, Kragujevac roads, with its views on the neighbouring hills of Šumadija, created conditions for this small Šumadija town to become a political centre of the liberated part of Serbia in Karadjordje’s time.

Program plus: visit of Arandjelovac and Risovaca cave.

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